RiskAvert hosting provides a high-performance infrastructure with excellent security

A complete Software as a Service solution which is manged by infrastructure, security and
application teams experienced in operating RiskAvert.

High security EU hosting

We can provide the infrastructure and data security that is necessary for your business together with appropriate accreditation.

System and software updates

We take care of your entire system including the application, database, and operating system so you can focus on your core business.

Additional premium features

Take advantage of additional powerful premium features to support your project teams and make project collaboration even easier.

Dedicated expert support

Reliable, high-tech support from senior engineers with knowledge about running RiskAvert in business-critical environments.


Security and data privacy are the highest priority for RiskAvert. Our data centre and network architecture meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

   Redundant infrastructure built for high availability and performance
  Continuous encrypted dual site backups
   External security and penetration audits
   Encrypted data in storage
  Encrypted data in transmission
  Multi-factor authentication
  Complex time limited passwords
  Risk scoring rules
  Intrusion detection
  Load balancing archticture


RiskAvert's fully managed service provides you and your team and your admin with the comfort that the system is continually up to date.

   Software patches
   Security patches
  System maintenance
  Load balancing
  Email and texting services
  Database management
  Firewalls and intrusion security

Premium Features

Risk Avert Hosting means that you can have extra features and benefits, including:

  Direct access to system engineers
  Enhanced application support
  Regular system audits
  Data migration support
  Custom branding
  Implementation support


Get reliable, high-tech support from senior engineers with expert knowledge about running RiskAvert.

  Certified engineers and technicians
  Guaranteed system availability levels
  Issue resolution within agreed SLA timescales
  Consulting support
  Priority development and escalation

Data security and privacy is our highest priority

RiskAvert strives to offer the highest levels of data security employing a multitude of security features such as end-to-end encrypted data, password complexity, multi-factor authentication, session timeouts, secure infrastructure, and event auditing.

The RiskAvert Cloud Edition provides a redundant infrastructure and continuous encrypted multi-site backups supporting the highest standards of data security and availability aswell as the best performance.

RiskAvert fulfils the highest standards in data security and privacy according to EU standards, continuously investing in the security of its services and the protection of customer data.


RiskAvert handles your data trustfully and offer high security according to General Data Protection Regulation. Regular Security and Data Privacy reviews combined with certifications of external Auditors support this assurance.

With the RiskAvert Cloud Edition your data will be stored on servers in the European Union. Data centre and network architecture options are available to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

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