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RiskAvert helps enforce your anti-bribery policy
with minimum bureaucracy

Optimise your governance process, automate stakeholder involvement
and achieve corporate policy adherence using RiskAvert


Overtly communicates your gifts and hospitality policy and provides stakeholders an easy method to report G&H from any location.


On submission, G&H claims are automatically assessed against set rules, Ones that require manual approval are sent to authorising managers.


Authorising managers are alerted via email/text and can then approve, reject and make comments supporting their decision.


Automated workflows and status listings direct the entire process with stakeholders being alerted whenever their involvement is needed.


Reporting of G&H being offered, given and accepted by individual, supplier and customer. The status of all G&H requests is also reported.

System Customisation

RiskAvert can be customised to reflect your organizations needs, such as:

   Gifts and hospitality register design
  Classifications of gifts and hospitality
  Design of reporting forms
   Organisation structure
   Staff, contacts and partners
  Authorization rules
  Approval hierarchy
  Priority and status levels
  Risk scoring rules
Documentation management
  User roles and permissions
  Workflow business rules


RiskAvert Gifts and Hospitality register, makes it easy for staff members to report their interactions online:

   Same form for G&H received and given
   Business contacts being stored for future use
 Specific questions with multiple choice answers
  Multi-organisational and language reporting choices
  Data input validation against stored data
  Easily maintainable validation data
  Accessibility via the internet and mobile devices
  Uploading of related documentation and media
  Secure data input and transmission


RiskAvert automates the initial assessment process.  The system will automatically:

  Approve G&H claims based on authority limits
   Approvers alerted when approvals are needed  
   Keep requester informed of the approval status
   Remind approvers of outstanding approvals 
   Set approval timescale targets based on SLAs
  Visualise and manage the approval work load


The approver will assess the G&H request (from email links or reviewing their approval list) and then:

   Approved or reject the request 
   Provide reasons and conditions of the decision
   Add further comments

On submission, the system will:

   Notify the requestor of the decision 
  Update the status of the request and approval lists


RiskAvert Gifts and Hospitality system is designed to enhance, standardise and optimise your processes through:

  Ergonomic submission forms and workflows
  Maintaining confidentiality
  Automated notification and approval workflows
  Standardisation of forms and documents 
  Intuitive user interface
  Document management
  Financial assessment of case outcomes
  Data validation in all appropriate submissions
  Online reporting of status
  Role-based-security defines what users can do
  Workflow rules triggering email and text links


RiskAvert Gifts and Hospitality system offers extensive reporting capabilities showing volumes, trends and amounts by staff, suppliers and customers:

  Dashboards showing volumes, trends and amounts
  Online reports linked to all related information
  Operational reports for each key stakeholder  
  Regulatory compliance reports

Dashboards provide high quality visualisation of performance and trends and the ability to drill through to lower level of details. All reports can be exported to Excel and PDF file formats.

Connect your internal and external teams across different locations
around the globe!

RiskAvert enables secure location independent team collaboration and communication. Get your work done at home, in the office or at any location globally.

Security is embedded into every layer of the system including authentication, transmission, firewalls, fault tolerant hardware and load balancing infrastructure.

The software is multilingual and currently supports 25 language sets.

Data security and privacy is our highest priority

RiskAvert strives to offer the highest levels of data security employing a multitude of security features such as end-to-end encrypted data, password complexity, multi-factor authentication, session timeouts, secure infrastructure, and event auditing.

The RiskAvert Cloud Edition provides a redundant infrastructure and continuous encrypted multi-site backups supporting the highest standards of data security and availability aswell as the best performance.

RiskAvert fulfils the highest standards in data security and privacy according to EU standards, continuously investing in the security of its services and the protection of customer data.


RiskAvert handles your data trustfully and offer high security according to General Data Protection Regulation. Regular Security and Data Privacy reviews combined with certifications of external Auditors support this assurance.

With the RiskAvert Cloud Edition your data will be stored on servers in the European Union. Data centre and network architecture options are available to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

Get Your Information Faster, Wherever You Are

   View your dashboards and reports
   Obtain alerts of new requests, cases or changes
  Monitor and approve transactions on the move
  On-line access to key information

Data Input Methods to Suit You

   Traditional approaches
   Voice recognition


Featured Customers and Partners

Over two decades, Risk Avert has provided services and systems to assist many large and medium sized organisations including Argos, Arqiva, Blatchford, Habitat, NHS, Virgin Media, Habitat, Iforce, RTE and Sainsbury’s.

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